Guasch Hermanos, S.L. always pays close attention to its products throughout their entire life cycle (design, production, distribution), to make sure they are not harmful to humans and do not negatively affect the environment.

For this reason, Guasch Hermanos, S.L. only works with businesses, retailers and suppliers that fully share its code of ethics and that meet or exceed the standards set by local laws and regulations regarding workers’ rights and conditions of employment, including those relating to age, working hours, minimum wage, overtime, timely payment of wages, rest days and holidays and social security benefits.

Furthermore, Guasch Hermanos, S.L. only works with businesses, retailers and suppliers that ensure, as a result of the strict application of rules and modes of conduct, that none of the situations detailed below occur, either at their workplaces or those of third parties subcontracted as suppliers:

a) Discrimination based on age, gender, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, union membership or other associations.
b) Any form of harassment (including sexual harassment) of the other employees.
c) Failure to maintain acceptable working conditions and health and safety standards.
d) The lack of adequate protection for employees against the use of any harmful materials or substances that might adversely affect the health of employees or damage the environment.
e) Failure to pay employees a salary commensurate with the minimum wage in accordance with local laws and applicable contracts.
f) Failure to allow employees to enjoy rest from work at least one full day per week, or longer if thus specified by local laws and regulations;
g) Failure to pay employees for time worked in excess of eight hours per day (or in excess of the maximum number of hours per day permitted by law and the current local agreements made, where they are different);
h) Forcing workers to work for a number of hours per day that exceeds the provisions of the laws and local agreements

i) The employment of any person under 15 years of age, or under any age interfering with compulsory education requirements, or younger than the minimum age specified by law, regardless of how much younger.
j) Involuntary work or forced labour of any kind, or the use of prison labour.
k) Retaining unfair amounts from employee salaries.
l) Subjecting employees to corporal punishment or any other humiliating treatment.

m) Failure to provide adequate meals for employees – if this service is part of the employment agreement.
n) Not providing employees and/or their families with adequate housing – if this service is part of the employment agreement.