It’s Christmas!!

Finally  here!!  These fantastic winter days when the best is to be at home or enjoying some days of white landscape, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, some holiday, …

What a wonderful day at home, with your fammily, your partner or, why not? Alone, wrapped in your GUASCH homewear pyjama, impossible to reject.

Intimate breakfasts planning the day, or that relaxing dinner that you could organize … your GUASCH garment accompanies you, is in your mind, in your world … in this small personal Universe made of small details, but that makes your environment just as you wish.


Saint-Martin-de-Belleville-20131230-01034And once you are back at home from a splendid day skiing, and you want to rest and to remember the most exciting moments of the day, how would you want to look?
Our best wishes for Christmas and a happy New Year 2015, full of moments Guasch!